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Co-Founder / Founding Partner

Job Type

Full Time




Cash + Equity Model

About the Role

Experience : 8-12 Years
Industry : IT / Product Development

1. Domain expertise in End to End SAAS Product Development and improvement with prior product development experience.
2. Tech Savvy with product Centric, Setting KPI’s, driving company with defining strategies and effective implementation.
3. Assist the Board of Directors in setting strategic goals, objectives, budgets, policies, and procedures to enhance its market share, profitability and return on investment
4. Be Strong Bridge between Board of Directors & Executive Team members.
5. Need to balance big-picture thinking with the day-to-day tasks that go into building a successful organization].
6. Develop the product strategy, and his core responsibility is also to decide its features, uniqueness, and utilities
7. Stand inspiration for Growing Team by building with Niche Talent and accomplishing with tight deadlines.
8. Strong visionary with proven leadership qualities and an entrepreneurial mindset.
9. Political awareness, professional expertise, financial orientation, self-starting initiative, cross cultural awareness, organization astuteness and team spirit.
10. Real Estate Experience with Real Estate Sales, Financing & Mortgaging is preferred

Requirement :
1. Bachelor's degree & Master’s Degree in Engineering, Also Business Administration (MBA is preferred) or equivalent experience with a minimum of 10-12 years of related experience.
2. Extensive executive-level management experience (4+ years).
3. Extensive Real Estate Industry experience (4+ years).

About the Company

An US Tech Startup actively looking for Founding Partner in India with Modern Architecture, experience in building mobile first and cloud native products. A chance to build and scale a business that backed by entrepreneurs with a history of successful companies. Unlimited Growth with tangible outcomes, also gain vast experience which is a great ROI to anyone.
More when we speak! Indicative salary post funding, Significant Equity on offer. Keen to connect with folks with an entrepreneurial bend not typical employee minded

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