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Front End Architect

Job Type

Part Time




Not Revealed

About the Role

- Hands on Experience in Architect LevelProgramming language (e.g. JavaScript, CSS, Node.js)
- Architecting, building, and maintaining web applications
- API design, Modern javascript frameworks
- UI/UX Experience, Static typing systems
HTML5, CSS, SCSS, understanding of CSS Animations framework Angular 2+ (with focus on the very last version, e.g. 11+)
- Understanding of Angular SSR (server-side rendering)
- Strong TypeScript and JavaScript
- Responsive and cross-browser markup building
- Understanding of webapp building and deployment process

Looking with With skills set :
- Material UI, Base AWS and AWS Elastic Beanstalk skillsio, web-sockets, pub-sub communication process
- Firebase realtime database
- Cross-browser push notifications, OneSignal, FCM
- Email-markup building, table-based markup, MJML, beefree
- Understanding of DNS management, CloudFlare
- Amplitude/Google Analytics/MixPanel or any other user usage tracking tool
- SEO optimization, WCAG, S3 or similar object storages

About the Company

A Self-Funded US Tech Startup with Modern Architecture, experience in building mobile first and cloud native products under dynamic leadership of 30+ Years Experienced in IT and backed by entrepreneurs with a history of successful companies. Now having a Team of 30+ Engineers from 3 different Time Zones.
Actively looking for Dynamic professionals in India, For Software Engineers this is a chance to build and scale a business that has accessed to Unlimited Growth with tangible outcomes, also gain vast experience with learning and executing best.

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