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10 Most Common Mistakes by Freshers

Obviously first job woud be very exciting, It is one of the great achievements in Life, but at the same time you must also know the most common difficulties that every fresher face while starting corporate life.

First job is dream for each and every student who pass from their college or university. Everyone aspires to become top leaders in industry over period of time. But to grow in career vertically and horizontally, one must avoid doing or overcome most common mistakes. First 5 years of job is very crucial. Job Learning’s, External Learning’s, Knowledge’s gained of Various aspects like market / news etc., would fetch and takes fresher close to their aspirations. The below are the top 10 struggles fresher’s face in their first job. We can also consider these as most common mistakes fresher’s does in the first job.

Top 10 Mistakes by Freshers in First Job
10 Most Common Mistakes by Freshers

10 Most Common Mistakes by Freshers :

1. Least Focus on KRA's : Key Resulting Areas KRA's which are a measure of his / her actual progress once you step in any organization, this feedback will be given by your line manager / reporting manager to Management. Most of Fresher’s don't know about this and won't even bother about it.

2. Unrealistic Commitments : In General, Most of fresher’s give unrealistic commitments to Manager in delivering any task. Without evaluating the complexity of task, time required / expected time of completion, dependency, other parameters new joiners will give blunt commitment. Taking mental / physical pressure to complete task, Not delivering by the committed time will leads to negative opinion.

3. Interruption of Personal with Professional Life : When you are at work, you must maintain dignity. You are highly recommended not to combine your personal life with Professional life. Example: when you are at office, do not accept personal calls / outside office works, browse personal stuff on office PC, store personal documents in Office PC, etc. At same time when you are at home, do not spend personal time for office tasks.

4. Full Stop / Comma to Learning : Once a fresher start job they won’t find enough time or energy to continue learning. So there will be break for education or learning’s which is a big mistake made by everyone. It is highly important to continue up-skilling oneself which makes you stand out of crowd.

5. Wastage of Time : This is most commonly done, as there is no one (parents, teachers, elders, etc. to monitor your performance or question what you are doing !!, you will be habituated for browsing, playing games, enjoying things taking luxury of time.

6. Work Life Balance: Giving Priority to work is good, but taking as Highest priorty and leaving rest is not a good management, this will lead to poor work life balance.

7. Neglecting Health : There is a old saying "Health is Wealth", The fact is youth can't understand the meaning and importance of this. Very Frequent Travels, Skipping Food for Targets and Meetings, Unnecessary Tensions in Brain, Improper Sleep, will result in a great damage of health.

8. Poor Time Management : As fresher’s are graduated from Colleges / universities, fresher’s are not much capable of planning their day / month. Because Till now someone else has done it and fresher’s were used to just follow the Time-Table / Schedule drawn. So definitely fresher’s will fail in this aspect. To avoid recommended to use proper Time Management Tools.

9. Manager Clashes : Ego kills Relations, as per Statistics, 32% of people are facing this ego clashes with colleagues or managers or team members. This will pull down your growth legs and be a barrier for your career. Either you may lose learning’s or relations or upcoming promotions or upcoming excellent hikes, etc.

10. Growth Hunger : Till you get a job you will have job hunger and you will run for it. Once you get a job you will get relaxed and chill for certain time, which is the biggest mistake everyone does.

These are few commonly done mistakes by every fresher till their 5 years of span.

Good Luck !

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