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Is Job Consultancies Fake !

You must understand What exactly mean job consultancy mean, how many types of job consultancies are there ! What is core difference between job consultancy and staffing firm. Read the blog and get knowledged

What is Job Consultancy

Staffing Firm means who carries out the activities related to providing the Opportunities to Career aspirants by having direct MOU / Signed Agreement with Company. These firms will act as mediator channel to convey the Company's feedback post interviews. 99.9% Job Consultancies will not charge any single rupee from the Job Aspirant.

Job Consultancies who demand for money are absolutely fake, do not rely on them and waste your valuable time. If Job Consultancies are demanding for money, check the genuinity of such Consultancies with below Simple Steps

Type of Job Consultancies

Is Job Consultancies Fake !

Its your responsibility to know whether the job consultancy is fake or genuine. As above stated there are 2 categories of Job Consultants who supports company and who support student.

“There are Two sides of Coin, Yes you must identify what is truth, what is false.”

Phani Kumar K provides you answer for your Question :: How to find a Job Consultancy Genuine or not ?

These are the 6 main tips for #Checking_A_Consultancy_is_Genuine_or_Not


1. What is the consultancy name and Have this Consultancy is Visible On Internet ?

2. Is this consultancy is Registered or not ? or Have Any Legal Document stating it is registered ? or having partnership with any other Big Consulting firm?

3. Ask for Previous Customers Data base or At least 1 Candidate whom they Placed?

4. Just Cross check all the details of the job with Open Market with help of Internet or Search Engines.

5. Ask Neighbors who live near by That From How many Years this consultancy is Running in that Area?

6. Check the Website, Permanent Address, Registration details, Phone No, Company PAN Card, etc

Good Luck !

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