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Most Important 10 Core Qualities Interviewers see in Freshers ?

Most of the interviewer will see the below stated 10 Core Qualities while evaluating a Person in Interview, we can say these below are the most basic personal traits of a person. Hence recruiters observe these at the time of recruitment of Fresher as well as Experienced.

10 Core Qualities Interviewers see in Fresher
Most Important Personal Traits Fresher must learn

The Most important Personal Traits or 10 Core Qualities interviewer see in freshers are :

a. Team Working

b. Flexibility

c. Written & Verbal communications

d. Attitude towards work/Interest towards job

e. Interpersonal skills

f. Critical thinking and Problem solving ability

g. Confidence levels while answering

h. Goals and targets.

i. Leadership skills

j. Self-Motivation

  1. Team Working : Any Industry or Any Company, Team effort always win, hence at the time of Interview also every Interviewer check the Candidate where S/he is a Team Player or Individual Player.

  2. Flexibility : Actual Scenario Today in most of the Industries is Zero Work Life Balance. Majority of Companies are looking for a candidate who is more flexible. In terms of Learning New Things, Equipping with Custom Tools, Shifts Wise (General /Morning/Night), Travelling (50% to 100% Travel – PAN India), etc.

  3. Written & Verbal Communications: Language is different from Communications, 6 of every 10, don’t know the key difference between these two words. Language is just for transferring of Information, Communications mean conveying topic effectively to others focusing on message.

  4. Attitude towards work/Interest towards job : Every Employer looks for enthusiastic person to deliver the task. One must have interest in the Role or Team or Company, else can’t continue or survive in the system for longer duration.

  5. Personal skills : Skill can’t be attained overnight, it comes over period of time with practice and serious attempts, example like communication skills, Leadership skills, etc. So Building Personal Skills are key.

  6. Critical thinking and Problem solving ability : Most of the times while working, there will be high chances of critical error or typical clients or Hard situation which one must face. This shows your capabilities of critical / logical thinking.

  7. Confidence : This is most important at time of Interview or while performing job. If you are not confident on your deliverables and project outcome, giving huge responsibilities by top management is a tough game

  8. Goals and Targets : In every Interview, Panel asks general question like What is your long term Goal ! Where you want to see yourself in next 5 years ! What is your Life Ambition ! etc. Professional Goal and Targets, are very important which shows your forward thinking and goal setting skills.

  9. Leadership skills : Your Psychology is key to be a leader, so in interview, panel also check your leadership capabilities by giving a bad situation to explain. That is where they will come to a conclusion that how soon you can be a manager or team lead.

  10. Self-Motivation : In Professional environments, employer expects teammates should be self motivated.

Good Luck !

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