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Top 9 Job Portals in India

India is a pool of skilled labor, Getting job in markets like India is bit easy game at the same time tough too due to huge competition. Correct Career Guidance is highly essential on where to apply jobs, how to apply jobs, what recruiter expects from candidates and many more. Now let us look at the top 10 Job portals in India.

Top 9 Job Portals in India

Anyone can achieve greater heights with right direction. As human Job Search is vital in everyone’s life, as per 2022, we have researched about the top players of the job search space in Indian Market. Getting a job is quite simple and easier, getting a job relevant to your expertise, skills & experience is highly important. For that you must know which the best job portals in India are good to choose. So you can save wasting your time, interest, energy and money..

Here are the Top 9 Job Portals in India. There are many job search apps and job search websites. here are the list of few popular websites and apps.

  1. Naukri Job Portal (Click here)

  2. Linkedin Jobs (Click here)

  3. Indeed Jobs (Click here)

  4. Google Jobs (Click here)

  5. Foundit (Formerly Monster) (Click here)

  6. TimesJobs (Click here)

  7. IIM Jobs (Click here)

  8. Shine Jobs (Click here)

  9. (Clickhere)

Few Other Job Boards are

  1. Glassdoor Jobs (Click Here)

  2. Apna Jobs (Click Here)

  3. WorkIndia (Click Here)

  4. Placement India (Click Here)

  5. Zip Recruiter (Click Here)

  6. Hirect (Click Here)

  7. FreshersWorld (Click Here)

  8. Upwork (Click Here)

  9. Internshala (Click Here)

  10. SimplyHired (Click Here)

  11. GoodWorker (Click Here)

  12. MyHiringClub (Click Here)

  13. CareerBuilder (Click Here)

  14. (Click Here)

80/20 Rule Search :

If you are in Job Search, Its Highly Recommended to invest 80% of your time on Top 5 Job Portals and Keep 20% of your time on Other Job Portals.

Good Luck !

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